The Road to Ultra Trail Cape Town Begins

Welcome to my blog!!

So a blog! I haven’t paid much attention to blogging but have subsequently realised the attraction of blog posts and thought it would be quite cathartic to follow the same route.

So what is Ultra Trail running and what is Ultra Trail Cape Town(UTCT)?

Ultra trail running is essentially running distances further than 42 odd kilometers on trail. Its far! Ultra Trail Cape Town is an ultra trail race in Cape Town in December 2018 which takes one all over the mountains of Cape Town for 65km.

It will be the furthest I have ever run.

You might ask, so what? You train, you run, you get it done!

Not so simple! I am what I call myself a “special needs” athlete. I get lambasted by my friends for saying that but it is really hard for me to excel at any sporting activity, yet I keep going back. So entering UTCT is a big step and a HUGE challenge to put it lightly. I may not finish the race as it has rather hectic cut offs but I am going to try my level best.

So this blog will document my journey through my training and trials and tribulations of training for an ultra as a “special needs” runner.

I have the most supportive group of friends, an awesome coach and a fabulous personal trainer who are going to get me through this and you can expect several references to them.

Speaking of which, I ran my first draft past the said friends LOL! and I have been told (and once again lambasted about the special needs as expected) that I need to give a little background. I will elaborate more in a future blog about all the details but in a nutshell, running and exercise has transformed my life.

E7F55CA5-F1B0-43C0-9D9A-6D08E7B3244D.jpegThis was me in 2010, rather round and never did a stitch of exercise. I never did any sport as I wasn’t good at it and always too fat to participate. So I had resigned myself to the fact that I would be like that forever. Boy was I wrong!

In 2014 I decided I needed to lose weight and I started with said Personal Trainer (now friend) Helen Mercier. She pushed me in the right direction and I lost about 30kg and became nice and strong. Having realised that I can actually lose weight and do gym I decided to test myself further and have been doing that ever since.

I did a warrior race and got hooked on trail running and the rest is history. I will leave the rest of the story to another blog. There have been many ups and downs but so many amazing memories and friends – life changing!

Please join me on my journey to UTCT!


Running has given me many things but the greatest gift has been the people that is brought into my life 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Road to Ultra Trail Cape Town Begins

  1. So awesome Liesl! I am am so glad you found running and it has turned your life around as it has. Your preservence and determination is truly inspiring, good luck for the Ultra Trail! Keep on the low carb and you’ll smash it!
    All the best


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